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Sir Nasty
“I was down with Hip-hop back when the requirements were you actually had to have something to bring to the table. As of now I have my own genre within rap called Horror Music.“

A few times in each entertainment era, the game gets an anomaly. An artist who likely can, but will not be forced to follow standards. January, 1983 in Berlin, Germany such a star was born. Residing now in Macon, GA. after years of worldwide travel, Sir Nasty developed an affinity for music at just five years old.


Now a father, songwriter, and devoted Christian, Sir Nasty is breaking every mold known to industry with his new genre, “Horror Music”. Praised by fans as a “Gothic Gangster,” Sir Nasty goes against the grain that most artists are wooed into following.


Connecting early on with the Gothic Nation, and saving lives with one on one interaction, influenced Sir Nasty to mold and create within his own genre of rap music. Often wearing skulls, masks and black threads, Sir Nasty makes a clear statement that his individuality is not for sale. 



Sir Nasty and his label “Graveyard Entertainment” dismiss the notion that one has to sell out to make it. The skull gang, and urban Gothic movements, are more powerful than ever. Putting to rest the cross cultural theories that are manipulated by media.  Sir Nasty's out of the box style has fans from all over roaring for more. "Horror Music" makes bold, stand alone statements that not just any artist can live up to.

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